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Final Masters Thesis Report

On the 21st of September we passed our final masters thesis exam. One of the last parts of the project... Continue reading

Video Demonstrating Our Navigation Task

This video shows our AR.Drone moving between two ground markers, no human interaction needed for this task. Continue reading

Python Tool for Controlling The Drone

Purpose To describe the python tool we have designed as the base of our further experimentation and to explain the... Continue reading

Added Project Description

Blog Update We have added a description of our project, here we present some of the questions we seek to... Continue reading

Attaching a USB WIFI adapter to the AR.Drone

Purpose To allow a robot like the AR.Drone to be more autonomous we find that it is important to be... Continue reading

UDPing ATcommands from inside the drone

Purpose To have tysse do a blog post before the taghof:tysse blog post ratio is out of a 50:50 reach,... Continue reading

Cables and physical setup for USB testing

Purpose To document how we assembled the cables used in Enabling the Drone USB Port. Procedure Initially we bought an... Continue reading

Compiling code for the AR.Drone

Purpose To document the build process, when cross-compiling code to be executed on an AR.Drone. Results are considered satisfactory if... Continue reading

Enabling the Drone USB Port

Purpose To determine whether attaching extra sensors to the AR.Drone is possible and to make a proof of concept by... Continue reading


Drone Navigation Wörterbuch

Location Node A location in the real world, a Node is defined by a collection of locally measured filtered radio... Continue reading

Test Draft Post

Purpose Just testing the draft system Continue reading